Schwebungen und Schwingungen

Diploma, University for applied Arts, Vienna, 2021

site specific sound installation

Détour - heat of the moment

heat of the moment, VENT gallery, Vienna, 2021

The sculpture explores the scope and depth of the quake, of a charged moment in which energy condenses immediately before an event. It describes this state in an absurd extension of the stovepipe, which winds in a seemingly endless loop between the heat of the stove and the flue of the fireplace. At the same time, the 80s song 'In the heat of the moment' by the band Asia, mixed with the crackling of a fire, resounds through the pipe condensed as a sound body. 

photos: Phillip Pess

schürfen und schaufeln - 0,68m³

multimedia installation
Gegenbauer am Naschmarkt, Vienna, 2020
in Cooperation with Clemens Tschurtschenthaler

The multimedia installation schürfen und schaufeln takes place in a stand of the Viennese Naschmarkt. Viennas most famous market is a place of constant movement and labour. As a result of a performance the fragments and traces of the artistic work are represented in the material as well as in a 4 channel audio-installation.

photos: Susanne Reiterer


two-channel video installation
12-14 Contemporary, Vienna, 2020

A collaboration between artist Felix Dennhardt and dancer and choreographer Alexis Fousekis, that deals with the body between physical and digital space. Torn apart and pulled together. The dancer is trapped on the screen, steering through distant times of Corona.

photos: Anton Posch

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Graustufen - 4 bit

4 sculptures, painted wood, 2019
Watermill Center, New York
Robert Wilson Foundation

Acoustical Cubism

aluminium, fabric, electronics - 2019

The kinetic work acoustical cubism plays with the effect of acoustic signal to space.A cube, that is made of symmetrically aligned aluminium sticks breaks out of its initial form, depending on the sounds surrounding it.

gesso, steel, plaster, wire - 2019

The object Klangskulptur is strictly bound to sound.
The abstractions of its own frequencies is its foundation.
Object - Sound - Form - Object

Symphonie der Neustadt

Sonic Territories, 2018

in cooperation with Raphael Haider

The work „Symphony of the New Town“ deals on an audiovisual level with the growing of the development area Aspern-Seestadt in Vienna.

Sound and Noise from the construction sites were recorded and localized.

These form kymatic sound patterns geographically arranged in a water-filled aluminum basin.

For this purpose, a composition was created that was translated via the vibration of transducers - and finally creates the kymatic sound patterns on the water surface.

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one cubic meter of intrusion

Univ. for applied Arts Vienna, 2018

The installation presents the original content of a “trunk compartment” with the size of one cubic meter, which was the reason for a court trial in 2017-2018.

The case has the potential of “the theater of the absurd” - so has the judge´s decision that is read as part of the installation.


video projection
Soho Ottakring, 2018

The work „Crosswalks“ reflects on a strange effect of the global metropolis.

The many encounters that always take place are meaningless. Anonymity serves as protection against the loneliness.
As soon as we leave our place of well-being, we move through the city like machines, alien controlled by the duties of our everyday life.
The architecture is the rule of this  urban coexistence.
This includes the Crosswalk as a „Encounter-free“ place.

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kinetic installation
36|Project Cell, 2017

In his work Copperwaves Felix Dennhardt converts auditory events into visual.

Usually copper is the transmitter of signals - here it is their representative.

The kinetic sculpture made of vertically arranged copper bars moves sublimely based on the supplied acoustic signals.
The acoustic signal is translated into a kinetic movement by means of robotics.

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print series, 2018

High Brian

interactive music video
fulldome, 2016

New York Loops

video installation
New York, 2015

Death of a light bulb

video installation 
New York, 2015


Reflections New York

New York, 2013